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I’m often asked this sort of question “Ok I know who my Great,Great, Great grandfather is. I must have more than one. How many do I have?”

This handy table answers that question. It shows the amount of great, great etc grandparents there are in your past generations. It’s interesting to see that at 8 times great grandparents you only share less than 0.1% of their DNA. A minute amount. And there are 1024 of them (male and female) in your line. There seems little point in going back further – except perhaps merely out of curiosity.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 13.39.48


The second question I’m asked is “what relation are you to me?
This canon law relationship chart makes this easy to work out and understand. You can download it here for your future reference.

relationship chart – Teach Me Genealogy – Canon or Common Law