Preface to these pages

I embarked upon the search for a missing Grandfather and in so doing discovered people, close relatives in fact, who I didn’t know and who I have grown close to since.

One of these is my newly found uncle, Tony Brown.

You know, Illegitimacy is such a  curse? It stunted my mother’s ambitions, and it stuck with her all of her 96 years. She died in April 2016. In her will, she asks me to ascertain, by any means, the name of her father. Events had overtaken that recently discovered request as she not only found his name but also met her half brother and half sister and their family.

I first decided to write a book about my search and what I discovered in the process but then I thought that too restricting  in content, in usability and in who might see the finished article. Hence the reason for these pages.

In the production of this site,  I will have fulfilled my mother’s wishes as well as shared that information with the world in the hope that people can see how limiting such secrecy  is to the illegitimate child. And how pointless and cruel it is not to tell them about their heritage. As well as provided information which some people may be able to extend with their own knowledge of the Brown’s.

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