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Posted 5 March 2018.
DNA evidence has come to light for WC Brown having another, previously unknown child.
You can read here what is known.
WC Brown 1896-1966

Posted 5th Oct 2017.
A page tieing up the Trotman connection. Much of the information provided by David Knight, who is also researching this section of the family,

Posted 10th Jan 2017.

Two PDF documents providing  Updates to George Brown 1816, his wife Mary Lewis Trotman and one of his sons, John Brown – later Trotman 1842.

Posted 23rd Dec 2016
George Brown 1816 – 1897. Death sentence. Death on a Thames prison Hulk. Multiple children out of wedlock and families at war. It’s all here on just one page.

Posted 17th Nov 2016
DNA Test. What it tells about who we are.

Posted 7th Nov 2016
DNA test results page

Posted 1st November 2016
Note about an additional child born in 1933 to Florence Laura and William Charles

Posted 18th Aug 2016.
The other children of Joseph Brown the Gamekeeper.

Posted 17th Aug 2016.
Eliza Brown. 1813-1843.  A tragic tale of the workhouse, adoption, and early death.