Lydia Harris 1897-1968


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Lydia Harris

Lydia was born 26th August 1897 in Birmingham. Her mother was Lydia Mumford from Kineton in Warwickshire.  Her father was John Harris, also from Kineton. Both had moved to Birmingham, via Nuneaton presumably for work.

Lydia had a relationship with William Charles Brown which resulted, in 1920 in the birth of my mother Edna Harris. They didn’t marry.

Lydia married George Dunn in 1925. They had 2 children, Stanley and Patricia. Stanley was born in 1926, died 2002. Patricia was born in 1936. She died of meningitis in 1942.

George Dunn died in 1937 leaving Lydia a widow.

She re-married. This time to  George Harrison in June 1945 in Hinckley Leicestershire. George Harrison died in 1954 in Birmingham.
I remember him as being a kindly man. Always having time for me when I was just a boy. He worked on the railways in Nuneaton before his retirement. I think he worked on the engines in the maintenance yard at Trent Valley station.
I remember once going to their house at Higham on the Hill between Nuneaton and Hinckley. For this city boy, it seemed to be a house in the country. The water to the kitchen was provided by a hand pump over a Belfast sink. I remember the peace and quiet, the oil lamps, the onions hanging in the garage and the view over the fields from the back garden early on misty mornings. A very different life to what I was used to on a large Birmingham housing estate.

Lydia Harris died at 65 Rotherfield Rd, Sheldon, Birmingham on the 28th December 1968. She and her last husband are buried in Yardley cemetery plot number 71564

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