George Brown 1787-1865

When George Brown was born in 1787 in Stone, Gloucestershire, his father, Joseph, was 42 and his mother, Mary, was 49. He married Edith Matthews on June 5, 1807, in Berkeley, Gloucestershire. They had five children in 17 years. He died in October 1865 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, having lived a long life of 78 years, and was buried there.

The parish records for Stone in Gloucestershire show George was baptised 19th August 1787 at Stone in Gloucestershire. His mother was Mary and his father was Joseph Brown.

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After his birth the first mention we have of George Brown is him being tried on the 28th October 1829 for stealing a stable rack out of a mill in Tortworth belonging to Christopher Dimery. He was found Not Guilty.

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On the 5th of June 1807 George married Edith Mathews in Berkeley, Gloucestershire.

The 1841 census shows George aged 55 living in St Michaels Wood ( Now Michaelwood ) He has no wife. She had recently died.
He has three of his children living with him George Aged 25 (1816), Joseph aged 20 (1821) and Mary aged 15 (1826). George and his two sons are AgLabs. His two elder daughters, Ann (1809-1864) and Eliza (1813-1843) are not shown. They are probably married by then.

On the same census sheet, there are  people called Browning. Georges’ daughter Eliza married a James Browning (1801-1837). St Michaels Wood being a small place, and without transport, it’s likely she married a local man.

The 1851 census shows George, now shown as a 67-year-old “collier” living in Wick Rd., St Michaels’s  Wood, Alkington. He remains a widower.

Living with him are:

  • His 34-year-old son, George, still an AgLab;
  • His Daughter-in-law Mary aged 34;
  • His grandsons John aged 8 (B1843);
  • Joseph aged 5 (B1846);
  • His granddaughters Mary aged 3 (B1848);
  • Ellen aged 2 (B1849);
  • And a George Trotman who is shown as Son of Mary Brown – presumably George’s daughter-in-law, as she was formerly Mary Trotman. George Trotman is 15 (B1836). He is a worker in a cloth factory.

All are born in the Berkeley District.

In 1860 his son George married Mary Tratman. George Snr can be seen on the certificate shown as Father of the Groome.

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The 1861 census finds George living at White Hall, Alkington. He is a 74-year-old widower, now a “Lime Carrier”.
Living with him are:

  • His son George aged 44, a farm labourer;
  • His Daughter-in-Law Mary, aged 44;
  • His Granddaughter Ellen aged 11;
  • His Grandson Thomas aged 9. (B1852);
  • His Granddaughter Leah aged 7. (B1854);
  • His Granddaughter Eliza aged 5 (B1856);
  • His Granddaughter Ann aged 3 (1858).

These grandchildren are erroneously shown as daughters and sons on the census sheet. The error is likely because of his old age but also because he  has no wife. They’re probably the children of his son George and his wife Mary.

George Brown died in 1865. Records show his abode to be St Michael’s Wood and the burial to have taken place 19th October 1865.

Known Children of George Brown and Edith Mathews:

This is a work in progress. If you have additional information on the person detailed on this page, or, for that matter, corrections to what is written then please make contact here.


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