Joseph Brown. ?-1772

We have no record of a birth or a marriage for this Joseph Brown.

We have a record of this Joseph Brown and his wife Elizabeth being the parents of Joseph Brown 1745. This Joseph was likely to be anything between 20 and 40 years of age at the time of the birth of his son. Consequently, his birth year could be between 1705 and 1725. This, of course, is pure speculation. So far, that is all we can do.

We have a likely burial in Stone on the 3rd March 1772.

That is all we know. So far…

As we go backwards in time, and we have reached the mid to late 1700’s in these pages, documents become more and more scarce and, illegible. Reading church records from the 1500’s is a dire task. Daunting at best. Impossible at worst. So the likelihood of going backwards from where we are is slim.

The family is a simple, ordinary family with nothing to make them stand out. We are pleased to have reached this far back. Nevertheless, the possibilities are there. For example, we discovered a modern transcription of probate records for Gloucestershire and there, in the village of Stone is a Richard Brown with Children and a wife (not named) way back in 1544. Intriguing.

For another time perhaps…

At present we know of no other Children of this Joseph Brown and his wife Elizabeth other than:

Joseph Brown 1745-1811. The Bloodline


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